AREVA - Allgemeine 
Revisions & Treuhand AG
External Auditing

…the vaduz based AREVA has been one of our trusted partners since the foundation phase of valeria capital in 2014. Besides the yearly auditing of Valeria Capital's annual financial statement, AREVA is an accredited auditor and therefore fulfils the juridical obligation under the act of the asset management law (VVG) in the principality of Liechtenstein of monitoring our business operation as well as the continual feasance of the license requirements.


In our risk management process, the AREVA team plays a key role with its external observation capacity. It performs a part of the independent monitoring by, inter alai, screening the risk organisation regarding their adequacy and efficacy in view of the fact of changing parameters.

AREVA also issues an annual compliance report considering the asset management law for the attention of the financial market authority FMA.

For further information about AREVA, please visit their website :