Dedicated & customised 


When navigating it seems to be more advisable to rely on the stars then on the lights of passing ships.


We cherish the intellectual challenge of unconventional scenarios and focus our
investment strategy
on long-term trends.

*Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


Lean structures and discipline are our key to

efficient and independent actions.

Strenuous checks 

and blances

combined with independent

controls ensure the effectiveness of our actions.

Corporate culture

To employees and customers

we are an entrepreneurial minded partner in the realization of their dreams and ambitions.

In dealing with each other we

are considerate and communicate with

integrity and respect.


Our generation mix (1981-1966-1963-1951-1949) is a key success factor when it comes to serve our customers in every phase of live.

Integrity shapes our corporate culture.

At all times our fingers are on the pulse of change

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